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Part # NFPC-024, Press-in Threaded Inserts, Hexagonal - Unified

  • Press-fit insert provides strong, reusable threads. No heat or ultrasonics required.
  • Hexagonal “barbed” configuration ensures high torqueout and pullout values.
  • Aluminum inserts ideal for light weight designs.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel inserts offer lead-free alternative.


Thread Size

.190-24 (#10-24)



Thread Code


A Max.

.265 in

C Max.

.249 in

E Nom.

.250 in

Min. Sheet Thickness

.275 in

Hole Size in Sheet + .003 - .000

.250 in

Min. Boss Dia.

.625 in

Min. Depth Full Thread H1

.248 in

Thread Specification

2B per ASME B1.1

Standard Material

300 Series Stainless Steel

Standard Finish

Passivated and/or tested per ASTM A380

CAD Supplier

PennEngineering® (SI®)
1 Thread tapped thru, Class 3A/4h screw must pass with finger torque, but basic go gauge may stop at pilot end.

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