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Part # KFE-4.2-4ET, Broaching Standoffs - Types KFE, KFSE - Metric

No matter how sophisticated or advanced, electronic components must be attached reliably and securely if they are to deliver optimum performance. We offer several fastener products for use with PC boards to satisfy component-to-board, board-to-board, and board-to-chassis attachment needs.

Broaching fasteners can also offer practical alternatives to “loose” hardware. They install permanently in all types of PC boards, as well as aluminum, acrylic, casting and polycarbonate components. A broaching fastener is a knurled-shank fastening device that can be pressed into a hole to provide a strong threaded or unthreaded attachment point in non-metal materials. Specially formed axial grooves around the shank of the fastener “broach” or cut into the material, creating a firm, interference-type fit resistant to rotation.

Standoffs, broaching – KFE, KFSE

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Broaching Standoffs - Types KFE, KFSE 2

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Thru Hole + 0.10 -0.08

4.20 mm

L - Length ± 0.13

4.00 mm

A (Shank) Max.

1.53 mm

Min. Sheet Thickness

1.53 mm

Hole Size in Sheet + 0.08

6.40 mm

C ± 0.08

6.86 mm

E ± 0.13

8.74 mm

Min. Dist. Hole C/L to Edge

7.1 mm

For Use in Sheet Hardness1

HRB 70 / HB 125 or Less
PC Board

Thread Specification

Internal, ASME B1.13M, 6H

Fastener Material

Carbon Steel

Standard Finish

Electro-Plated Bright Tin, ASTM B545, Class B with Clear Preservative Coating

CAD Supplier

PennEngineering® (PEM®)
1 HRB - Hardness Rockwell “B” Scale. HB - Hardness Brinell.


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  · 2D Left Side View

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