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Haeger®/PEMSERTER® Installation Machines

PennEngineering® designed and built the first PEMSERTER® automatic fastener insertion machine in the 1960’s as more and more self-clinching fastener users realized that further cost benefits could be achieved using auto feed equipment. This capability and product offering was expanded with the acquisition of Haeger® in 2018.

Today PennEngineering offers the most comprehensive line of automatic and manual machines and in-die installation systems designed to safely, reliably, accurately, and quickly install the complete range of PEM® fasteners.

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824 OneTouch-4e



Haeger® 824 OneTouch-4e

Haeger® 824 OneTouch-4e Lite

Haeger® 824 WindowTouch-4e



Haeger® 824 MSPe

Haeger® 618 MSPe

Haeger® 824 OneTouch-4e XYZR

PEMSERTER Series 4® press

PEMSERTER Series P3® press

PEMSERTER® Micro-Mate® Fastener Installation Hand Tool

PEMSERTER® Series 4® Insertion Machine

PEMSERTER® Series P3® Hand Tool

PEMSERTER® Micro-Mate® Fastener Installation Hand Tool

In-Die Fastener Installation System

PEMSERTER® In-Die Fastener Installation System