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Sheet-to-Sheet Attachment

Allows permanent joining of two metal sections and metal to PCB/plastic panels
  • Alternative to riveting and welding.
  • No special installation equipment required.
  • Flush mounted on both sides.
  • Minimal space requirements.
  • Can be installed blind into bottom (panel 2) sheet.
  • Can be concealed with paints and powder coatings.
The PEM® SpotFast® self-clinching fastener creates a permanent, flush joining of two sheets. The RoHScompliant fasteners install smooth with the top sheet, and flush or sub-flush with the bottom sheet. Squeezing the fastener into place causes a cold-flow of panel material into the fastener’s two separate clinch profiles. Type SF, SFP, and SFW fasteners can attach two metal sheets too thin to weld; fasten sheets of unequal thicknesses; join dissimilar metals unable to be welded; and even attach ultra-thin metal sections. Type SFP fasteners are made from precipitation hardened stainless steel for installation into stainless steel sheets where corrosion resistance may be required. Type SFW is specifically designed to allow pivoting of two sheets of metal. A wave washer provides the consistent torsion to allow repeatable rotation.

Type SFK fasteners create a permanent, flush joining of metal to PCB/plastic panels. The fastener has two separate joining profiles. Squeezing the fastener into place causes a cold-flow of the metal panel material into the fastener’s clinch profile and a broaching fit of the knurl into the PC Board or plastic panel.

Unlike rivets that “bulb” during installation, the ultimately flush profile of SpotFast fasteners allows for unobtrusive attachment requiring minimal space. A smooth surface is retained for finishing and fasteners can be concealed easily with paints or powder coatings.

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Metal to metal, SpotFast® style – SF, SFP

Panel to panel, KEYHOLE® style – SKC-F

Metal to metal, SpotFast® style – SF, SFP

Metal to Metal, SpotFast® Style – Types SF, SFP

Panel to Panel, KEYHOLE® Style – Types SKC-F, SK4-F

For Installing into Stainless (all) – Types SFP




Metal to metal with washer, SpotFast style® - SFW

Self-clinching microPEM® TackPin®

PEM Type TA™ Self-clinching microPEM® TackPin®


Metal to Metal with Washer, SpotFast Style® – Type SFW


Metal to plastic, SpotFast® style – SFK

Metal to Plastic, SpotFast® Style – Type SFK