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  • Weld nuts

    PEM® weld nuts (Types WN/WNS) provide load-bearing threads in metal sheets too thin to tap, and permit faster assembly.

    PEM brand weld nuts overcome many problems associated with other weld nuts – burn-outs, complicated electrodes and pilots, tedious time-consuming indexing and re-tapping to remove weld spatter. Their design, based on the experience of hundreds of users of weld nuts, speeds production using standard equipment, thereby reducing labor costs.

    PEM stainless steel weld nuts offer the added advantages of resisting corrosion and being essentially non-magnetic. You may specify steel or stainless steel for your requirements and be sure you are getting the weld nuts that are easiest to install.

    A variety of welding equipment is suitable for installation of PEM weld nuts. Best results have been obtained with a 50KVA press-type, spot-welding machine whose upper welding head moves vertically in a straight line with the lower electrode. Flat-faced electrodes with tip diameters .125” / 3.2 mm larger than the “E” dimension of the PEM weld nut should be used.