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The Riv 790 tool can install inserts from #4-40 to 3/8" and M3 to M10 thread sizes.
  • One-position trigger mechanism to start automatic stroke. Push on screw to start automatic stroke.
  • The auto-reverse feature after installation increases production rate.
  • Mandrel is a hardened socket head cap screw which is easy to replace when necessary.
  • Can install ATLAS® Plus+Tite® inserts #10-32 to 3/8" and M5 to M10 thread sizes.
Unit of Measure

Product Detail

  • RIV 790 (1551600 tool only) - Nose pieces sold seperately. Tool comes with 1 1.3 Ah lithium battery and a battery charger.

Specification Table

ATLAS® RIV 790 14.4V Lithium Battery Operated Tool Specification Table