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The pressure controlled installation of the ATLAS RIV 938S pull-to-pressure tool assures consistent installations and improves mandrel life.
  • Pressure controlled setting allows the installation of the same insert into various material thickness without any adjustment of the tool.
  • Pull-to-pressure feature extends mandrel life.
  • Mandrel is a hardened socket head cap screw which is easy to replace when necessary.
  • The auto-reverse feature after installation increases production rate.
  • Eliminates over installing and double installing ensuring fastener thread integrity.
Unit of Measure

Product Detail

  • RIV 938S (4143500 tool only) - Nose pieces sold seperately.

Specification Table

ATLAS® RIV 938S Small, Lightweight Pull-To-Pressure Tool Specification Table
Aztech Delta PT
SEMSTaptite 2000