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These standoffs offer oversized body for increased bearing surface, wall thickness and performance.
Unit of Measure

Thread Size x Pitch

N/A M2.5 x 0.45

Thread Code

N/A 6M25

Length Code

N/A 1800
Style1 N/A #3

Min. Sheet Thickness

N/A 0.63 mm

Hole Size in Sheet + 0.08

N/A 5.41 mm

C - 0.13

N/A 5.39 mm TSO4_Dwgs.jpg

F - Min. Thread Depth

N/A 5.2 mm

H - Nom.

N/A 6.4 mm
L - Length ± 0.082 N/A 18 mm

Min. Dist. Hole C/L to Edge

N/A 7.1 mm
For Use in Sheet Hardness3 N/A HRB 88 / HB 183 or Less

Thread Specification

N/A Internal, ASME B1.13M, 6H

Fastener Material

N/A Heat treated 400 Series Stainless Steel

Standard Finish

N/A Passivated and/or tested per ASTM A380
  • 1 Style #1 - Thru-threaded.
    Style #2 - Screw might not pass through unthreaded end. Tapped to minimum full thread depth shown. Incomplete threads on tap may allow screw to pass through.
    Style #3 - Blind.
  • 2 Available in other lengths on special order.
  • 3 HRB - Hardness Rockwell “B” Scale. HB - Hardness Brinell.