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Online literature contains the most current information available.
  • Enlarged head diameter reduces stress on panel.
  • Thicker head allows for larger hole in attached panels.
  • Clinch design provides high-strength in sheets as thin as .031”.
  • Recommended for use in steel or aluminum sheets HRB (Rockwell “B” Scale) 85 or less and HB (Hardness Brinell) 165 or less.
Unit of Measure

Thread Size

N/A .313-18 (5/16-18)

Thread Code

N/A 0518

Length Code

N/A 8

Min. Sheet Thickness

N/A .031 in

Hole Size in Sheet + .005 - .000

N/A .312 in

L - Length ± .015

N/A .500 in Heavy-Duty-Studs-for-Thin-Sheets---Type-THFE-2.jpg

H ± .01

N/A .586 in
S Max.1 N/A .117 in

T Max.

N/A .099 in

Max. Hole in Attached Parts

N/A .402 in

Min. Dist. Hole C/L to Edge

N/A .596 in

Thread Strength

N/A 120 ksi

For Use in Sheet Hardness

N/A HRB 85 / HB 165 or Less

Thread Specification

N/A External, ASME B1.1, 2A

Fastener Material

N/A Hardened Carbon Steel

Standard Finish

N/A Zinc plated per ASTM B633, SC1 (5µm), Type III, colorless

CAD Supplier

N/A PennEngineering® (PEM®)
  • 1 Threads are gageable to within 2 pitches of the “S” Max. dimension. A class 3B/5H maximum material commercial nut shall pass up to the “S” Max. dimension.