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  • Designed for use in straight holes.
  • Self-aligning lead-in of insert provides for accurate alignment prior to installation.
  • Aluminum inserts ideal for light weight designs.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel inserts offer lead-free alternative.
Unit of Measure

Thread Size x Pitch

N/A M5 x 0.8


Thread Code1 N/A M5

A ± 0.13

N/A 9.52 mm a1288.jpg

E ± 0.23

N/A 6.93 mm

C ± 0.13

N/A 6.27 mm

S1 Nom.

N/A 1.17 mm

S2 Nom.

N/A 1.17 mm

Min. Hole Depth

N/A 10.28 mm

Hole Dia. + 0.08

N/A 6.43 mm

Thread Specification

N/A 6H per ASME B1.13M

Standard Material

N/A Free-machining, Leaded Brass

Standard Finish

N/A Plain

CAD Supplier

N/A PennEngineering® (SI®)
  • 1 Thread tapped thru, Class 3A/4h screw must pass with finger torque, but basic go gauge may stop at last thread.