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All Categories > SI® Brand Insert for Plastics > Molded-in Inserts > Knurled Spacers – Types STKA, STKB, STKC > Molded-in Threaded Inserts, Thru-Threaded, Knurled - Unified > Part # STKC-0420-6  

Part # STKC-0420-6, Molded-in Threaded Inserts, Thru-Threaded, Knurled - Unified

  • Uniform knurl diameter reduces the risk of sink marks.
  • Available in varying lengths for injection molding assemblies.
  • Aluminum inserts ideal for light weight designs.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel inserts offer lead-free alternative.


Thread Size

.250-20 (1/4-20)



Thread Code1


Length Code


L - Length ± .005

.187 in

E Nom.

.375 in

Minor Dia.Min.

.197 in

Minor Dia.Max.

.207 in

Thread Specification

2B per ASME B1.1

Standard Material

300 Series Stainless Steel

Standard Finish

Passivated and/or tested per ASTM A380

CAD Supplier

PennEngineering® (SI®)
1 Thread tapped thru, Class 3A/4h screw must pass with finger torque, but basic go gauge may stop at last thread.

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·  Configuration for STKB/STKC


SI Bulletin

Compression Limiter Capability