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New microPEM® TackSert® (Type TK™) pins are designed with a diagonal knurl to hold a top panel to a bottom panel or chassis by broaching into the bottom panel/chassis. Type TKA (aluminum) pins are suitable for broaching into plastic applications, and Type TK4 (400 series stainless steel) pins are suitable for broaching into castings and brittle materials.

Features and Benefits
  • Secure panels to common magnesium die casting materials such as AZ91D. Also appropriate for attaching panels to plastics such as ABS.
  • Simple, press-in installation. Does not require heat or ultrasonics.
  • Alternative to micro screws, eliminating the need to tap or use threaded inserts.
  • Top sheet can be any material.
  • Low-profile head.
  • Eliminates the following:
    • Cost of screw
    • Cost of patch to prevent loosening
    • Cost of threaded insert or tapped hole
    • Cost of driver bits
    • Cost of rework due to cross-threading and driver bit “cam-out”
Unit of Measure



Base Panel Hole Size Code

N/A 10

Length Code

N/A 200

Top Sheet Hole Size ±0.05mm/±.002in

N/A 1.3 mm.051 in

Base Panel Hole Size -0.05mm/-.002in

N/A 1 mm.039 in

C Max.

N/A 1.2 mm.047 in micro-PEM_-Tacksert_-Inserts_02.jpg

H ±0.08mm/±.003in

N/A 1.8 mm.071 in

L ±0.06mm/±.002in

N/A 2 mm.079 in

T ±0.08mm/±.003in

N/A 0.27 mm.011 in
Min. Dist. Hole C/L to Edge1 N/A 1.18 mm.047 in


N/A 400 Series Stainless Steel

Standard Finish

N/A Passivated and/or tested per ASTM A380

For use in

N/A Castings and Brittle Materials

For Use in Sheet Hardness

N/A HRB 80 or Less (Hardness Rockwell "B" Scale)
HB 150 or Less (Hardness Brinell)
  • 1 Minimum boss diameter is twice centerline-to-edge value.

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