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The thread locking torque performance of Type PL and PLC PEMHEX® self-clinching fasteners is equivalent to applicable NASM25027 specifications. A nylon hexagonal element provides a reusable, non-metallic prevailing torque thread lock. The strong knurled collar receives the installation force and resists torque. The spin resistance of the knurl greatly exceeds the torque that can be exerted by the self-locking feature. As the knurled collar is embedded in the sheet, the undercut cavity beneath the collar is filled with displaced sheet material, thereby captivating the fastener in the sheet.

The color blue for fastener locking elements is a registered trademark. Unified fasteners have a blue nylon locking element and metric fasteners have a black nylon locking element.
Unit of Measure

Thread Size

N/A .138-32 (#6-32)

Thread Code

N/A 632

A (Shank) Max.

N/A .060 in
Sheet Thickness1 N/A .040 to .070 in

Hole Size in Sheet + .003 - .000

N/A .265 in

C Max.

N/A .264 in a1363.jpg

D Max.

N/A .246 in

E Max.

N/A .305 in

T Max.

N/A .130 in

Min. Dist. Hole C/L to Edge

N/A .19 in

Max. Hole in Attached Parts

N/A .158 in

Fastener Materials - Locking Element

N/A Blue Nylon
For Use in Sheet Hardness2 N/A HRB 70 / HB 125 or Less

Thread Specification

N/A Internal, ANSI B1.1, 2B

Fastener Material

N/A Heat-Treated Carbon Steel

Standard Finish

N/A Zinc plated per ASTM B633, SC1 (5µm), Type III, colorless

CAD Supplier

N/A PennEngineering® (PEM®)
  • 1 - Can be used in panel thickness of .040” to .060” / 1 mm to 1.53 mm provided the fastener is not fully installed. The knurled collar must be left protruding above the sheet to the degree that the sheet thickness is less than .060” / 1.53 mm.

    - Knurled collar may fracture if fastener is used in sheets thicker than .070” / 1.78 mm and screw is tightened beyond maximum tightening torque.
  • 2 HRB - Hardness Rockwell “B” Scale. HB - Hardness Brinell.