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PEM Type SCBR™ Spinning Clinch Bolt installs by simply pressing it into a properly sized hole. The controlled clinching action permanently captivates the screw and spring in the panel and allows the screw to spin freely in the sheet.

Features and Benefits
  • Permanently captivates into sheets as thin as .040” / 1.02 mm.
  • Spring keeps screw retracted when disengaged.
  • Provides economical self-retracting captive screw.
  • Replaces loose hardware.
  • Allows for close centerline-to-edge distance.
  • RoHS compliant.
Type SCBR screws are shipped with mating springs.
Unit of Measure

Thread Size x Pitch

N/A M3 x 0.5



Thread Code

N/A M3

Screw Length Code

N/A 12

Min. Sheet Thickness

N/A 1.02 mm

Hole Size in Sheet + 0.08

N/A 3 mm

E + 0.13 -0.25

N/A 9.10 mm SCBR_2.jpg

H1 ± 0.13

N/A 4.20 mm

H2 Ref.

N/A 11.80 mm

L - Length ± 0.4

N/A 12 mm

T Nom.

N/A 3.30 mm

Driver Size

N/A #1 Phillips SCBR_Driver-Size.jpg

Min. Dist. Hole C/L to Edge

N/A 4.5 mm

Thread Specification

N/A ANSI/ASME B1.13M, 6g


N/A Heat-Treated Carbon Steel


N/A Zinc plated per ASTM B633, SC1 (5µm), Type III, colorless

Finish Spring

N/A Natural Finish

For Use in Sheet Hardness

N/A HRB 80 or Less (Hardness Rockwell “B” Scale) / HB 150 or Less (Hardness Brinell)

CAD View

N/A Fastened

CAD Supplier

N/A PennEngineering® (PEM®)