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The Bellville washer shaped head of the microPEM® FlexTack™ fastener is designed to increase vertical installation tolerance in designs.

  • Alternative to using micro-screws, eliminating the need to tap or use threaded inserts.
  • Installation time to simply press the part in (1.5 seconds) is less than the time to thread a screw in equals less total installed cost.
  • The Belleville-shaped head allows for stack-up tolerance relief in a design.
  • Eliminates the following:

  • - Cost of screw, patch to prevent loosening, threaded insert or tapped hole and driver bits
    - Cost of rework due to cross-threading or driver bit “cam-out”
Unit of Measure

Fastener Material

N/A Aluminum

Base Panel Hole Size Code

N/A 10

Top Sheet Thickness Code

N/A 025

Top Sheet Thickness

N/A 0.18 to 0.28 mm.007 to .011 in
Base Panel Min. Sheet Thickness1 N/A 0.89 mm.035 in

Top Sheet Hole Size ± 0.05mm/± .002in

N/A 1.47 mm.058 in

Base Panel Hole Size -0.05mm/ -.002in

N/A 1.02 mm.040 in

A ± 0.025mm/±.001in

N/A 0.67 mm.026 in TFA-microPEM-FLEXTACK-FASTENERS_Dimensions.JPG

B ± 0.075mm/±.003in

N/A 1.16 mm.046 in

C Max.

N/A 0.89 mm.035 in

H ± 0.10mm/±.004in

N/A 2.91 mm.115 in

P ± 0.05mm/±.002in

N/A 1.21 mm.048 in

T ± 0.10mm/±.004in

N/A 0.3 mm.012 in

Min. Dist. Hole C/L to Edge

N/A 1 mm.039 in

Standard Finish

N/A Plain

For Use in Sheet Hardness

N/A HRB 45 or Less (Hardness Rockwell “B” Scale)
HB 84 or Less (Hardness Brinell)

CAD Supplier

N/A PennEngineering® (PEM®)
  • 1 0.89 mm / .035” for blind holes and 0.5 mm / .020” for through holes.