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PEM® TY-D® self-clinching tie-mounts and hooks provide secure attachment points for mounting wires to electronic chassis or enclosures. All TY-D hardware installs quickly and permanently without screws and eliminates the use of adhesives that typically fail over time and temperature cycling.

Type TD™/TDS™ mounts allow users to easily slide ties through the hardware’s “eye” for fast cable mounting. Type TDO™ hooks* enable users to attach, remove, and return tie-bundled wires to their mounting points when components need to be accessed for service or when wires must be replaced. The hook feature allows ties to remain intact and wires to remain wrapped.

TY-D hardware can be a great improvement over traditional mounting methods. They can be placed with assurance at designed locations and angles to remain secure for the life of the assembly; they will not protrude on the reverse side and will not affect the reverse side appearance or clearance; and panels remain flush, minimizing EMI/RFI and contamination of electronics by dust or dirt.
Unit of Measure


Profile1 N/A 60

Length Code

N/A 6

L - Length ± 0.08

N/A 4.67 mm a1299.jpg

Sheet Thickness

N/A 1.02 -1.78 mm

Hole Size In Sheet + 0.05 -0.03

N/A 7.93 x 4.75 mm

A ± 0.08

N/A 7.82 mm

B ± 0.15

N/A 1.91 mm

C ± 0.15

N/A 1.65 mm

D ± 0.15

N/A 5.21 mm

E ± 0.15

N/A 9.4 mm

G - Height ± 0.15

N/A 4.57 mm

Min. Hole Edge to Sheet Edge K

N/A 1.02 mm

Min. Hole Edge to Sheet Edge M

N/A 4.98 mm

Standard Material

N/A Sintered Steel

Standard Finish

N/A Zinc plated per ASTM B633, SC1 (5µm), Type III, colorless

Max. Panel Hardness

N/A HRB 60 / HB 107

CAD Supplier

N/A PennEngineering® (PEM®)
  • 1 Reference to typical load rating (in pounds) for appropriate size nylon cable tie.