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New Type SMTPFLSM™ surface mount spring-loaded panel fastener provides ease of installation and high precision positioning without loose hardware. It mounts on P.C. boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process. This alleviates concerns aboutpotential damage to P.C. boards due to improper secondaryinstallation operations. These fasteners are provided on tape andreel compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment.

Features and Benefits
  • All metal captive screw assemblyinstalls in one piece utilizing pick andplace method
  • Combination drive, Torx®/slot
  • Solderable finish
  • Screw length code “0” retracts flush inup position
  • Ease of installation
Unit of Measure

Thread Size

N/A .112-40 (#4-40)



Thread Code

N/A 440

Screw Length Code

N/A 0

A (Shank) Max.

N/A .063 in Type-SMTPFLSM-2.jpg

Min. Sheet Thickness

N/A .063 in

C Max.

N/A .215 in

E1 ± .010

N/A .280 in

E2 Nom.

N/A .300 in

G1 ± .025

N/A .040 in

G2 ± .025

N/A .210 in

H ± .010

N/A .100 in

T1 Nom.

N/A .38 in

T2 Nom.

N/A .55 in

øK - Hole Size in Sheet + .003 - .000

N/A .220 in

øD - Min. Solder Pad

N/A .340 in

Driver Size

N/A T15

Number of Parts per Reel

N/A 200
Thread Specification1 N/A ASME B1.1, 2A

Material Retainer

N/A Carbon Steel

Material Screw

N/A Hardened Carbon Steel

Material Spring

N/A 300 Series Stainless Steel

Finish Retainer

N/A Electro-plated Tin ASTM B545, Class A with Preservative Coating, Annealed

Finish Screw

N/A Zinc plated per ASTM B633, SC1 (5µm), Type III, colorless

Finish Spring

N/A Natural Finish

CAD View

N/A Unfastened

CAD Supplier

N/A PennEngineering® (PEM®)
  • 1 As with all Class 2A/6g external threads with an additive finish, the maximum major and pitch, after plating, may equal basic sizes and be gauged to Class 3A/4h, per ANSI B1.1, Section 8, Table 3A and ANSI B1.13M, Section 8, paragraph 8.2.