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NA Specific Fastener

Application area

  • Can be universally used for component thicknesses from 0.64mm to 2.79mm
  • Can be used in applications utilizing aluminum to HSLA
  • This nut self-pierces the material so no pre-pierced hole is required
  • Can be installed in a progressive die or in a C-Frame operation
  • Suitable for use with surface-treated, galvanized, or painted components
  • Typically, no bowl feeder is required as they are supplied on spools
  • When the bulk version is utilized a feeder would be required

Technical Characteristics

  • Thread sizes: M5 – M8
  • Property Class 9 (standard)
  • Resistance to corrosion in accordance with the customer’s requirements
  • No adverse effects on the joint or function of the thread; no damage due to weld spatters
  • High resistance to torque forces, even for thin sheet metal
  • Stud positioning tolerances can be halved as compared to welding methods
  • Straightforward, in-process non-destructive quality testing possible, instead of destructive testing
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Part #

Thread Size

Panel Thickness Range


HSN04 N/A M4.2x1.41 N/A 0.64 - 2.29 mm N/A
HSN05 N/A M5x0.80 N/A 0.64 - 2.29 mm N/A
HSN06 N/A M6x1.00 N/A 0.64 - 2.79 mm N/A
HSN08 N/A M8x1.25 N/A 0.64 - 2.79 mm N/A
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