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The Stickscrew® Fastener Installation System

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The STICKSCREW® system offers manufacturers an extremely fast, accurate and efficient method of small screw insertion.

This simple low-cost system combines a lightweight driver and “sticks” of up to 110 serially connected hex head screws. Simply insert the stick in the driver, index the first screw, squeeze the trigger, and place the tip of the protruding screw in the hole and the screw is driven home, twisting off cleanly when precise torque is reached.

Our StickShooter® air tools are lightweight, ergonomic, and quiet. These tools provide years of reliable operation. If needed, service and parts are available from the factory.
  • Trigger activates pneumatic motor.
  • Non-marring tip.
  • Interchangeable and adjustable nose assemblies.
  • IL-2000 operates on 90 P.S.I. using 1/4” air line.
For information on the StickScrew fasteners, contact us.

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The Stickscrew® Fastener Installation System-FlexArm

Fastener Installation In-Line StickShooter - Model IL-2000
StickScrew® Fastener Installation FlexArm Fastener Installation In-Line StickShooter® Model IL-2000

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