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The PEMSERTER® Series P3 fastener installation hand tool is a portable power hand tool weighing only 4.6 kg. / 10 lbs. that can develop a squeezing force of 22.2 kN / 5,000 lbs.

With the PEMSERTER Series P3 hand tool, you can easily install self-clinching nuts and studs in metric or unified sizes. The metric kit contains punches and anvils to install nuts (S, CLS, and CLA) ranging from M2 thru M5 thread sizes and studs (FH, FHS, and FHA up to 12mm in length) ranging from M2.5 thru M5 thread sizes. The unified kit contains punches and anvils to install nuts and studs up to 0.5” in length ranging from #2-56 thru #10-32 thread sizes.

Features and Benefits
  • Pneumatic power for consistency and simple operation. Requires shop air only.
  • Trigger controlled safety.
  • Snap-in tooling changeover.
  • Press includes metric or unified tooling.
  • Can be bench-mounted. Back side of yoke has two predrilled and tapped holes for bench mounting. Mounting bracket hardware included.
  • One-year parts warranty.
Unit of Measure

Ram Force

N/A Up to 22.2 kN5,000 lb

Pressure System Type

N/A Pneumatic
Air Requirements1 N/A 6 to 7 BAR / 90 to 100 PSI

Throat Depth

N/A 7.6 cm3 in


N/A 40.6 Centimeter16 Inch

Yoke Depth

N/A 15.8 Centimeter6.2 Inch


N/A 10 lb4.6 kg
  • 1 1 psi = 0.07 bar. 1 bar = 14.5 psi.